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ReFresh is Here!

ReFresh is a bamboo toothbrush with Removable Bristles. It's made from 100% Plants and with every purchase we remove 1 LB of Plastic waste from our oceans.

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  • Plants 🌱

    ReFresh is made from 100% plants from the premium Moso bamboo handle to the bristles made from castor bean oil. The base is crafted from fermented plant starch.

  • Planet 🌏

    We share your passion for the planet. With each purchase, we remove 1LB of plastic from the oceans. Our products are shipped in compostable and recyclable materials.

  • Teeth 🦷

    Our bristles are vegan, BPA-free, natural, and non-toxic. We include 4 interchangeable bristles, ensuring a dental hygiene routine that will last you an entire year of brushing.

Ocean Rebuild ReFresh Toothbrush Removing Bristles

How Does It Work?

With over 23 billion plastic toothbrushes discarded annually, ReFresh is crafted for year-long durability.

The innovation with its removable bristles aims to slash your yearly toothbrush consumption by up to 3 times.

Following dentist-recommended oral hygiene practices you can simply replace the old bristles with the new one while retaining the the handle to minimise waste and pollution from manufacturing.

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No bristles ocean rebuild handle

Will It Mold?

Similar to any natural product that is exposed to water and air for an extended period, a toothbrush is susceptible to mold.

However, bamboo, being naturally endowed with antibacterial properties, serves as an excellent deterrent against the growth of harmful elements, thereby increasing its overall longevity.

To enhance this protection, we've applied a layer of water wax to further inhibit any potential mold growth.

We recommend thoroughly drying the toothbrush after each use to ensure optimal hygiene and maintain its longevity.

Bamboo Toothbrush With Removable Bristles testing with hammer

Will The Bristles Fall Out?

Absolutely not! Our design team took meticulous care to sidestep any potential issues.

The toothbrush head undergoes precision cutting to flawlessly accommodate the bristles, firmly held in place by a subtle indentation.

Moreover, the act of brushing naturally applies a gentle pressure that serves to reinforce the bristle placement.

Over the past two years, we subjected the toothbrush to a range of rigorous tests, guaranteeing the utmost safety for our valued consumers.

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ReFresh FAQs

How do I compost the toothbrush?

Composting your ReFresh toothbrush is simple and eco-friendly!

Once it's reached the end of its lifespan after approximately a year of use, you can effortlessly remove the bristles and place the handle and box into your home compost.

For faster decomposition, the bristles can be composted in an industrial environment.

It's a convenient way to reduce waste and contribute to a healthier planet.

How do I replace the bristles?

Replacing the bristles has never been easier.

When the bristles are worn out or following dentists’ advice after three months of use, just remove the old bristles and replace them with new ones.

In some cases, you may need to gently pull out the old bristles with pliers before inserting the new ones.

Please ensure that the new bristles fit securely into the handle's head for safe and effective use!

How do we remove plastic from the ocean?

Through our collaboration with PlasticBank, we're actively removing 1 pound of plastic waste with each purchase.

This mission makes ReFresh the first toothbrush to contribute to the removal of plastic waste! 

Recognising the staggering statistic of over 23 billion plastic toothbrushes discarded annually, we're dedicated to instigating change.

It's not just about our toothbrush; it's about reshaping our brand and our future products to promote sustainability.

What's the box made from?

We couldn't overlook the importance of eco-friendly packaging.

That's why our boxes are crafted from high-quality, premium kraft paper, ensuring they are 100% compostable at home, leaving no waste behind.

How long does ReFresh last?

The ReFresh toothbrush pack contains four bristle sets and a durable handle, meticulously designed to last for a year in line with dentists' recommendations.

Replace the bristles every three months for optimal oral hygiene. 

After a year’s worth of use or once the toothbrush is worn out you can simply compost the bristles, handle, and box, leaving nothing behind.

What do you use to ship the ReFresh?

We have warehouses both in Australia and in Shen Zhen China to minimise delivery times and our carbon footprint. 

We take pride in using 100% compostable and recyclable packaging for our products.

However, for international shipments, the shipping labels may not be compostable.

On the other hand, if you're located in Australia, rest assured that we dispatch items from our warehouse here, utilising compostable shipping labels whenever possible.

Additionally, all deliveries are 100% Carbon Neutral.

Ocean Rebuild and PlasticBank removal of ocean plastic waste

Our healthy planet mission

Through our collaboration with PlasticBank, we're actively removing 1 pound of plastic waste with each purchase.

To date, our collective efforts have led to the retrieval of over 200 pounds of discarded plastic, and our mission continues to grow stronger every day!