About Ocean Rebuild ReFresh

Our Story

Hey there! I'm Matthew Kouznetsov, the ocean enthusiast behind Ocean Rebuild. Growing up in Sydney and spending my childhood on the Central Coast, the ocean has always been my happy place. But seeing it choked with plastic was a real eye-opener.

My professional tennis career took me all around the world, but let's just say it wasn't quite Wimbledon-worthy (sorry, no amazing aces here!). I saw plastic, plastic, and more plastic everywhere I looked.

Since it was evident that many were failing to see the wider picture, I created an Instagram feed to raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution.

However, sharing photos online is fun and all, and I realised I needed to do more than just spread the word. I wanted to make a real splash! That's where the idea for Ocean Rebuild was born

Fully funded on kickstarter

We launched this little game-changer on Kickstarter, and let me tell you, it was a hit! Fully funded in less than 74 hours – talk about a clean sweep! (Okay, okay, maybe not the best pun, but you get the idea.)

The Ocean Rebuild ReFresh Toothbrush was created with a focus on both planet health and happy smiles. It's a win-win situation for the environment, from the packaging, which is 100% compostable, to the plant-based bristles, which are soft on teeth and the environment. 

The sturdy handle is designed to last, keeping plastic out of landfills and decreasing the need for frequent replacement.

We are dedicated to sustainability in ways that go beyond just the brush. We ethically source our materials and collaborate with Fair Trade-certified producers who share our commitment to preserving the oceans.

We have even teamed up with PlasticBank to remove 1 pound of plastic waste from the oceans with every purchase!

Our Guarantee

We want you to love our products and feel good about your contribution to a cleaner planet.

If, however, you're not satisfied with your Ocean Rebuild ReFresh Toothbrush or anything else, our team is happy to assist you with a refund.

See our refund policy for details.

Join the Movement

Ocean Rebuild is more than just a toothbrush company, it's a movement! We're all about empowering people to make a difference, one brush at a time. 🪥 

By choosing Ocean Rebuild, you're joining a community of ocean champions who are saying "no" to plastic pollution and "hello" to a healthier planet.